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 As of April 17, 2020 – Senator Hueso’s office has informed us that the Senator’s bill to bring tax relief to military retirees’ state tax will continue to move forward.  That bill is SB 1007 and your organization is in support. SB 1071-Wilk, the other bill addressing military retirement tax will not be moving forward. 

The April 22nd “Storm Sacramento” has been cancelled (see below e-mail).  I have personally contacted my local State Legislators asking that they support both Senate bills introduced to exempt military retirement pay from state taxes.  I would encourage local chapters to reach out to their legislators to solicit support of the bills.  The bill has co-sposnors from both sides the aisle but the battle will be to get it out of the Appropriations  Committee.  Lorena Gonzalez is the Committee Chair (San Diego) and Frank Bigelow is the Vice-Chair.  Lorena Gonzalez’s office number is 916-319-2080 and we should flood her office with calls asking for her support of the Senate Bills.
Not sure how the current crisis may impact the legislative session but we need to keep our voice out there.  Stay safe and healthy.
Jeff Breiten

Please see the memo below dated 10 April 2020 addressed  to the California Senate Members from President pro Tempore Toni Atkins.  The Senate has been asked to “reconsider their priorities and reduce the number of bills they are carrying“.  
This will have a significant impact on both Huseo’s Bill and Wilkes Bill moving forward this year.  There was no bill introduced in the assembly related to military retirement pay exemptions, both were from the Senate.


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State Senator Ben Hueso Introduces SB-1007 which calls for Tax Breaks For Retired Service Members

Friday, February 14, 2020

State Senator Ben Hueso introducing a bill on Feb. 14, 2020, that would  make...
CALMOAA – Steven Donlon, CAPT, USN (Ret); Mrs Kathy Prout, CALMOAA Surviing Spouse; California State Senator Ben Hueso, Fred Green, LCDR, USN (Ret) (1st VP CALMOAA), BG Dean Mallires, USA (Ret) (President CALMOAA)

California State Senator Ben Hueso introduces SB-1007 to exempt military retirement pay in California today 14 Feb 2010. This Bill would provide an income tax exemption for military retirees within the state of California after serving 20 years or more in the uniform services. This bill would alleviate financial prudent from out decreasing military retiree population within the state.

This Bill was announced with the support of the California Military Officers Association of America (CALMOAA), American Legion,, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), San Diego Veterans Coalition (SDVC) and a coalition of military and veteran groups.

Senator Hueso acknowledged that “California is one of nine states who taxes the income of our veterans” and that it is time to do something for our veterans in California. SDMAC and California’s Governors Council reported in 2018 that California is losing approximately 800,000 veterans since 2000. If this bill passes it has the potential of impacting 1.8 million veterans in the state of California.

Here is a quick look at 2020 State Legislation goals

(From Jeff Breiten/CALMOAA Legislation) Good afternoon all:

I hope that everyone enjoyed the holidays and are ready to settle in and help get our legislative priorities moving forward.  Our State Legislators return to Sacramento next week after their long Winter break.

Again this year CALMOAA will be taking the lead to have legislation introduced to exempt military retirement pay for retirees in California.  With the help of Seth Reeb, our lobbyist in Sacramento, California Senator Wilkes seems ready to move forward on legislation to introduce in the State Senate.  We also have support in the State Assembly and hope the State Assembly will also introduce a bill to exempt military retirement pay in California.

There are several other pieces of legislation that are important to CALMOAA and other veterans residing in California that include:

  • Legislation that would reduce property tax assessment on veterans service organizations
  • Legislation that would reform the current system of property tax relief for disabled veterans
  • Legislation that would provide property tax relief for veterans over the age of 65
  • Legislation that would focus on getting homeless veterans off the streets and into housing.

***As residents of California we all need to be aware of the State’s attempt to weaken Proposition 13 through a ballot measure being referred to as “spilt roll”. This measure would eliminate property tax protection currently provided to business owners under Prop 13.

I am looking forward to working together to ensure we have meaningful  legislation introduced and passed to provide protection to all veterans residing in California.

I have included the Chapter Legislative Reps that I have e-mails for.   Area VP’s if you can pass on to your Chapters.   

If you do not to receive these legislative updates please let me know and I will remove you from the e-mail list.