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Folks, here are the most beneficial website links from MOAA career transition resources.  These are five common links National MOAA routinely direct our members and potential members towards:
1)      Career & Education Events – here we post our upcoming events (Air & Space, webinars, virtual career fairs, etc):   
2)      MOAA’s Marketing Yourself for a Second Publication (NOTE: must be a paid MOAA member to download):
3)      Archived Articles from The MOAA Newsletter (TMN) – click on dropdown menu to sort by category (Finance, Military Benefits, Transition & Career, etc):
4)      MOAA’s Job Board (NOTE: must be a paid member to access):
5)      MOAA’s Career Transition Center – how to request a resume critique, LinkedIn profile review, career consulting:

My latest Networking Advice Below

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11 July 2020

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